Entes Anomicos RadioShow # 33

Luego de una corta pausa,estamos de regreso con el podcast.Para esta vez empezamos con algo de sonidos electronicos para luego dar paso al Indierock y algo de Coldwave.Si deseas descargar el show en tu pc puedes hacerlo directamente desde Aqui y si deseas oir el show de forma directa solo haz click en el player.
After a short vacation we are back with a new podcast.This time we started with some electronic music and after that,we will enjoy some Indie and some Coldwave.If you want this show on your pc just make click Here and if you want to listen online now you can go to the player below.

* Tracklist : 
1) Simply Red "fairground"
2) Action Biker "love for sure"
3) Getaway Drugs "answers"
4) Death In The Afternoon "john who"
5) La Femme "sur la planche"
6) Obk "nada soy sin ti"
7) Trilogia "tus labios"
8) Crusier "the fritz"
9) Studabakerbrown "we breath in"
10) Golden Sun "wind river"
11) Televided "where do you go?"
12) Letting Up Despite Great Fauls "scracht"
13) The psycocandies "east end"
14) Electric Corpse "skeleton horse"