Entes Anomicos RadioShow # 36

Bienvenid@s,aqui nuevamente para ofrecerte un poco mas de hora en musica.Espero que disfrutes el viaje sonoro que te hemos preparado esta vez.Si deseas oirlo en tu pc haz click Aqui y si lo deseas online en el player abajo.Hasta la proxima oportunidad.
Welcome again,we are here to offer you a bit more than an hour of music.I hope you enjoy the ride that i prepared for you this time.If you want to listen it on your pc make click Here or if you want online then on the player below.See you next time.

 * Tracklist : 

1) Pure Bathing Culture "scotty" 
2) Haerts "wings" 
3) Astrosuka "lienzo violento" 
4) Chvrches "gun" 
5) Le Cassette "tonight"
6) Arcade High "crush" 
7) Azure Blue "when the love is pure and true" 
8) Psychic Twin "strangers" 
9) Dark Furs "sarah" 
10) Generetionals "spinoza" 
11) Wampire "the hearse"
12) Circle "fashion me a drum" 
13) Beach vacations "washintong weather" 
14) From Bubblegum To Sky " hello hello hi" 
15) The Leslies "any day now" 
16) Spring "baby blue"