Entes Anomicos RadioShow # 56

Como ya es costumbre un viaje musical de una hora.Esta vez con una fina seleccion de Indiepop.Si deseas el show en la pc,puedes hacer click AQUI o si deseas online en el player de abajo.Espero que el viaje sea de tu agrado.
As usual youre going to make a music trip with me.This time one hour of finest Indiepop.If you want the show on your pc please follow the link HERE or if you want online on the player below.I hope you enjoy the trip this time.

Playlist :
1) Mens Only "utah"
2) Kissing Is A Crime "your secrets are safe with me"
3) The Rainyards "beneath the skin"
4) Sight "lost"
5) The Bv´s "ray"
6) Luka Brandi "lost topics"
7) Milkmustache "submarine"
8) Cook Race "sometimes"
9) Jessica And The Fletchers "marble fountain"
10)Useless Youth "the coldest ocean"
11)Magic Bullets "meantime"
12)The Crystal Furs "summer is over"
13)Earth Girls "not prepared for love"
14)The Mars Bastards "that was my first mistake"
15)The Jangle Band "it wont break"
16)Dott "beautiful face"
17)Hearts And Tigers "your love is a sound"
18)Univers "bons nois"