Entes Anomicos RadioShow # 44

En esta oportunidad mas de una hora de Northern Soul de vocalistas femeninas.Si deseas bajarte el programam en tu pc solo tienes que hacer click Aqui y si deseas online entonces en el player aqui abajo.Espero que esta edicion sea de tu agrado.
This time one hour of Northern Soul wirh female vocals.If you wanto to download the show go Here if not go to the player below.I hope you enjoy this show.

Playlist :
1) Etta James “something´s got a hold on me”
2) Patti Austin “didnt say a word”
3) Irma Thomas “what are you trying to do”
4) Sue Lynn “dont pity me”
5) The Fascinations “girls are out to get you”
6) Rose Batiste “hit and run”
7) Jessie Mae “dont freeze on me”
8) Marcia Hines “you gotta let go”
9) Martha Reeves & The Vandellas “quick sand”
10) Rose Valentine “ive gotta know right now”
11) Sandi Sheldon “youre gonna make me love you”
12) Sandy Wynns “the touch of venus”
13) The Devons “someone to treat me”
14) Lynn Randell “stranger in my arm”
15) Young Ladies “im tired of running around”
16) Shirley Lawson “one more chance”
17) Reparata & The Deltons “panic”
18) Cynthia And The Imaginations “is there anyone,anywhere”
19) Brenda & The Tabulations “thats the past”
20) Jannette Williams “stuff”