Entes Anomicos RadioShow # 45

De vuelta con el show luego de unos meses de descanso,esta vez para oir Indierock e Indiepop de los 80´s.Si deseas descargar el show puedes hacerlo facilmente AQUI pero si deseas oirlo online aqui puedes directamente escucharlo.Espero que te diviertas con esta nueva edicion del show.
We are back after a short break this time enjoying Indiepop and Indierock from the 80´s.If you like to have it on your computer please make click HERE but if you want to listen it online go to the player down here.I hope you enjoy this new issue of the show.

1) The Sullivans "optismt"
2) A Riot Of Colour "put to sleep"
3) Beer On The Penguin "pictures"
4) The Tripps "sometime today"
5) The Mayfields "seasons pass"
6) The Escape Club "slow train"
7) Stranger To Stranger "opportunity"
8) The Loft "time"
9) East Village "kathleen"
10) Playing at Trains "world without love"
11) Mirrors Over Kiev "loves cold days"
12) Chalk Garden "drunk among the trees"
13) The Claim "lonely tarts"
14) Bouquet "caramel girl"
15) Black Cillas "sebastian"
16) Bam Bam & The Calling "secret meeting"